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Welcome to my blog


Hi, my name is Diddles! Diddles the dancing dog I am known as! Though actually I am puppy. The cuddly abagofun puppy.


I am gonna be blogging for abagofun every week so hope you will favourite our website and come back to read my new posts.


If you or your kids have any ideas about whay you would like me to blog about please comment below!


I might even give you a shout out in the next blog and then you will be famous on the internet like me!!!


Lots of licks and wet slobbery kisses




By Diddles, Oct 25 2017 02:31PM


My name is Diddles, Diddles the Dancing Dog. I am only 4 years old, just a puppy really. So I think I am the youngest of the abagofun entertainment team. Not the smallest though! No, the smallest is the other dog Cassie. There is a pic of her below. My favourite thing to do is dancing and not just any dancing but dancing to party songs! My absolute favourite is the SUPERMAN song. I love having fun dancing with the children and showing them all the moves! I would do it all day if I was allowed but my Mommy Delia won't let me go to parties 24 hours a day, she likes me to have a rest in between (though sssshhhhh don't tell her but I think its Mommy who needs the rest really, not me lol).

There's a picture of me chilling out in our garden below so you can see what I look like. I am on the abagofun gallery page too I think!

It's an exciting time right now as Abagofun have just launched the new Luxurious Cinderella Experience with the chance for the children to ride with Cinderella in a horse drawn carraige like a real princess! I wanted to have a go but Mommy said I was probably too big and might break the carriage.

Then there is the abagofun "real life" unicorn parties! Star the Unicorn is lovely - though he wouldn't rub my tummy when I asked. I love my tummy being tickled.

Then Mommy also said something about a FLASH SALE coming up in November. Not sure what it's all about. Maybe she has bought too many bottles of flash from Tesco and needs to sell them off. We shall find out soon enough I guess.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year and is just around the corner. I love seeing the abagofun original Elves prancing about and surprising all the lovely children by leaving candy surprises for them in the gardens. Now, they will usually tickle my tummy so am best friends with the cheeky eleves. But they can be a bit naughty at times you know!

I am most excited about something else happening this week. All I know at the moment is that I am gonna finally be FAMOUS!!!! Am gonna be on the TV or the computer at least on a video I think. Do you think loads of people will watch me? I might get dog mail! Yay please write to me boys and girls. Hoping to tell you more about it next week when I know what Mommy is planning.

Well I am so pleased to meet you all today. Please look out for me if you see abagofun entertainments about. We are sometimes at the Little Green Frog Cafe in Lichfield. But I am never sure why its called 'Little' because its actually a very BIG place.

Need a walk and some fresh air now, so going to pester Mummy for walkies and see if Cassie wants to come too.

Love to you all



Cassie, the smallest member of the abagofun team!
Cassie, the smallest member of the abagofun team!
This is me Diddles chilling in the garden! Can you tell I have a tickly tum
This is me Diddles chilling in the garden! Can you tell I have a tickly tum
My paw print!
My paw print!
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